Saturday, January 21, 2012

It seems that I'm always going to be having long gaps between posts. That's just the way my life works, it seems. So here's another picture update of Marc. Enjoy!
Cheeseburger in Paradise is fun!

"I know, you want me to smile."

"This is fun!"

"Yes, I'm cute!"

It's all a blur...

"Smile? What smile?"

"I like to wear Daddy's hat!"

"Down now. Down now!"

More blurry baby...


Daddy's hat again

"Mommy, that's your hat!"

"Oooh... Mommy's hat is fun, too!"

First time trying Mai Fun

"Look at what I'm eating!"

Lots of noodles...

Time for sleep...

Christmas, 2011, Curious George board books

Maracas are fun.

"I've got your leg, Mommy! And the remote!"

Mommy tunnel

Counting Cookie Monster

"What's Mommy opening?"

Opening a present...

Beating on presents opens them, apparently...

Mamma rips it a bit...

Nope, more beating...

"Who do you think you're taking a picture of, mister?"

"Ooohhh... crayon..." 

We're going for a ride!

Happy boy!


Ready to go out

Having a ball!

More fun with the ball

Stealing the ball from the puppy

Rattles are fun! Try it sometime!

And we end it with a grin.

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