Monday, February 12, 2007

Some friends have been wanting to see what my hubby & I look like. So here you go. Hehe. The first 2 pictures I took just last night with my cell phone, so they're not real good pics, but they are the most recent ones of me.

In the star, my hubby is tormenting our Houdini, whom we remember so fondly. He was the happiest grumpy cat I've ever known & would take over my crochet by jumping up into my lap & laying on whatever I was working on. Then he would glare at me as if to say, "It's mine now, Mom, & there's nothing you can do about it." Usually he got his way. Hehe.

The next pic was taken at my wedding reception at our best friend's house. He made me a two-tier wedding cake out of cupcakes. A pic had to be taken of me holding it, & yes, I made the sweater I'm wearing in the pic. Unfortunately, after our move from New York to Colorado I can no longer find it... And the last pic is our wedding itself. I'm not sure what we're reaching for there, it's not the rings... I think maybe we were handing the wedding certificate to the official. And yes, I made my wedding dress also, though when it was originally made it was not intended to be for my wedding...

Well, that's it for this morning. I'll be doing my best to get some more crochet pics up soon. Maybe I'll manage that after I get home from work tonight. That's the intention, anyway.

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Carol said...

Hey Mabel! It's Carol (btrulyirish)
We have almost identival glasses, and I think we're about the same size! I'll have to add you to my blog :)